On August 2nd I turned 22 and celebrated another year of life with my closest friends. I absolutely loved my birthday and I’m so satisfied with how everything turned out. Other than the amazing pictures taken and the way everything came together as planned, the one thing I was most happy with was thinking about… Read More 22 YEARS


Now a days everyone talks about working hard, being ambitious, being motivated, and having big big goals for your future. There’s this sort of understanding we all have that we need to be working for our goals, working for our futures, working toward building empires, as the only way to be successful and lead a… Read More AMBITION


Sometimes you need to be able to celebrate your achievements and accomplishments, no matter how big or small, by yourself. Sometimes, even the people who care about you and wish to see you successful, just can’t or wont be able to be there for you for all the things that happen in your life.