About Me


My name is Tracy Nakata,

based in Toronto, Canada, I’m just another 22 year old trying to leave a mark on the world. Much like a lot of other people my age, I wish to create something that will last a lot longer than I ever will.

I like to say that I’m a very creative and overly opinionated person, a perfect combination for someone who enjoys writing as much as I do. However, with a long standing fear of putting myself out there, being seen, and a general self-consciousness for anything I write and create, I’ve often held myself back and shut myself up.

With multiple bursts of self-confidence and a painfully long period of thinking and overthinking, I decided to challenge myself. I decided that shutting myself up and holding myself back is no longer an option I will allow myself to take. I have a voice and I wish to be heard.

Mission Statement:

This website is my way of openly expressing the person that I am and wish for people to see.  I hope to be able to create content that I can share with the world in a way that will impact it. I want to be able to say things that I can be proud of but also create content that can be helpful, influential, and inspiring to the people who choose to come here.

So please watch and join me on this absolutely crazy journey I’m forcing myself to go on. I hope I influence and inspire you.


And to those who have constantly pushed me and tirelessly cheered me on as I made baby steps toward this, thank you for being patient with me and always having my back. I couldn’t have done this without you.