I feel like updating the website with each hair style change I make is necessary at this point. If I don’t blog about it, did I really change my hair colour? But, obviously, and noticeably, I did. Like majority of my hair stories my hair colour was sort of an accident. Let me explain,

My last big hair change that I wrote about was when I had pink-blonde hair. I really rode that out for as long as I could (for as long as I wasn’t feeling lazy), but with how quickly my roots started to grow in and with how quickly I seemed to get too lazy to keep up with the colour, I let it fade to just a light blonde. When it came time to decide if I should bleach my roots and continue the blonde, or change colours, I realized that keeping up the blonde was just too much time and money, so I decided to change colours. Obviously going from blonde to anything else seemed like a lot to give up, since blonde was such a long journey in itself. I knew that I wasn’t ready to go back to dark yet, so instead I dyed my hair in two parts – a darker golden blonde closer to my root and blended down, and then I went with more of a gold blonde for the rest of my length. I went with quite a bit darker of a colour, and in the beginning it was pretty much just a dark brown but I knew that after a few washes it would fade to a lighter gold-blonde. And it did.

At its darkest, when it was first dyed.

I was surprised by how much I liked my in-between colour. It wasn’t necessarily blonde, so it wasn’t a lot to maintain, and it wasn’t exactly dark/brown so it wasn’t boring to me. It had dimension and depth since there were darker areas and lighter areas and as my hair grew out, it blended pretty nicely, making it very low maintenance. The only time I ever really had to put in work was when I would use purple shampoo just to make sure that my golden blonde wasn’t turning brassy/copper.

So I kept that up for quite a while. But obviously, my hair grew which meant that my transition area was moving further and further down my head, and when it started to sit lower than my eye level (and a lot of my virgin black hair was taking up the most head space) I knew that this half-and-half colour was on its last life. But I didn’t want to dye my hair just to keep up this colour and I wasn’t interested in going back to blonde. I just wasn’t interested in any hair colour anymore, I’ve pretty much done it all, and I was able to fully enjoy each hair colour enough that I wasn’t interested in going back to any of it. The only thing really left for me was my natural hair colour, which I haven’t had in about three years.

I originally planned to allow the half-and-half colour to stay until the end of the summer, but once I make up my mind I become very impatient, so after deciding to go black, I dyed my hair the next day.


I used the ion Colour Brilliance Creme Hair Colour with their 30 vol. Creme Developer (which I already had at home) in the colours Jet Black and Dark Red Brown. Since my natural hair colour is more of a soft black with more of a rich red-brown undertone, I wanted to mimic that but in a darker version. I wanted to go a little darker than my natural colour because I knew that no matter what colour I dyed my hair, the more I washed my hair the more it would fade, and I didn’t want to have to redye it so often.

As a rule of thumb, if your natural hair colour is on the warmer side and you’ve bleached it as much as I did, to go back to dark without compromising your hair’s integrity it’s best to dye it in stages, adding each layer of colour to your hair. This allows your hair to cling to the dye as much as possible and will allow for your hair to keep its undertones and not just end up as a pitch black flat colour. Since I’m Asian, my hair colour naturally has a red undertone to it so I knew that my ashy blonde hair would need layers of red/warm tones in order to really grab onto the dye. But since I’m the lazy type and I wanted it to be done as fast as possible, I mixed a dark red-brown dye with the jet black dye so that my hair could regain it’s red tones and still stick to the black dye.


The final result was the jet black that I had planned, but in the sun my hair shone a slight  violet tint, which wasn’t planned. I didn’t realize how strong the red tones would be in the dye that I mixed in with the black, and since the black had more of a cool/blue undertone it turned out more violet toned. I don’t mind the violet tone because it’s very subtle but I know that when the colour fades and I have to redye it, I’ll probably go for more of a dark gold-brown to mix in with the black.

And that’s where I’m at with my hair now!



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