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Bare Minerals recently came out with a new foundation, their first full coverage liquid foundation, the BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation. It’s quite a big deal for the brand that originally focused on loose powder foundation formulas. Although this isn’t their first liquid foundation, since they also have their two lightweight and sheer foundations which wore more like BB creams (one in a serum formula and the other in a gel formula), it’s a big deal for the brand since their products are mostly non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic, free of Parabens, free of Sulfates, and free of Phthalates and this is their first full coverage liquid product. Their products are also hypoallergenic and mostly made with natural ingredients which is great for those with more sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated. 


On, the foundation is said to be full coverage, good for all skin types, oil-free, has a matte finish, 24-hour wear, and an SPF of 20. The foundation “blurs pores and imperfections while improving your skin’s condition–all with a soft-focus natural matte finish” and contains their “Mineral Lock Long-Wear Technology”, natural bamboo stem extract (to give a soft smooth finish), papaya enzymes (to improve skin texture), and is said to be self-setting. The foundation also comes in 30 different shades and is at the reasonable price of $42.


I used the foundation, shade 17 Camel, with my usual priming products, the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and the Cover FX Mattefying Primer. Upon first application I was surprised by how nicely and smoothly the foundation blended out. The colour was very yellow and upon “setting” the foundation dried down to a little bit of an orangey undertone (which I didn’t really mind because I tan my body and therefore like a little darker foundation colour). Personally, since I have such a noticeable yellow undertone, I like how yellow the foundation is.

It was interesting the way I could see the foundation setting itself, sort of sticking to my skin a little better and smoothing over itself. It looked very skin-like and very natural although the coverage in it was more of a medium-to-full. The finish was more natural-to-demi-matte without making my skin look dry or flat.

I then went in with my usual makeup routine.

Indirect natural lighting.


Indirect natural lighting with flash.
Direct natural lighting.


At the end of the day, after wearing the foundation for more than 10 hours, the foundation still looked amazing. There was subtle separation happening on my nose (where I get oily) but every single foundation I’ve ever used does that if I don’t powder and touch up halfway through the day. The separation was very subtle however, not enough for me to completely write off the foundation. The rest of my face stayed just as flawless, even, and smooth as it did when I first applied.


Altogether I would have the say that I’m a big fan of this foundation and will continue to use it. It has the perfect coverage and finish – not too thick or too thin. I would definitely use this foundation for everyday when I want to be wearing a full face. My skin didn’t look dry or cakey or splotchy at the end of the day, and it felt weightless throughout. It even felt nice on my skin when I touched my face, something that not too many foundations feel like (especially since I don’t like to use setting powders).

I would recommend this foundation to those who typically like to go for medium-to-full coverage, those who like coverage but don’t like a thick formula, for people who have very yellow undertones, for people with combination skin, for people who are on the oily side, and those who notice that their foundation doesn’t last all day. It’s an amazing foundation for the price, since I would say its very comparable to the Nars All Day Luminous foundation, but about $18 cheaper. Overall I would have to say that the foundation is definitely worth checking out.

I hope this was helpful!




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