A while ago I stumbled upon an Instagram makeup guru who had a discount code for a lash brand called Dodo Lashes and advertised that they sell mink lashes for $5. It sounded too good to be true since mink lashes usually run for about $20+. Skeptical but also a little curious I decided to try a few pairs out. They had a deal where you could receive a bunch of different lashes for like $40 so I ordered a bunch.

Here are my final thoughts on them:

  • The lashes available for $5 are extremely sparse in that you’ll only get an extremely subtle and ‘natural’ look with them.
  • The bands on the lashes are extremely stiff making the lashes appear straight, upon first application – I recommend playing around with the band a lot before wearing them otherwise they can irritate your eyes.
  • The lashes end up looking extremely sparse and light on the eyes even if they appear to look thick when in the packaging, I wear them usually stacked together for a thicker appearance.
  • The lashes last a long time since the lashes have such a thick band.
  • I believe they are real mink or some kind of very close material

Altogether for the price you receive they’re ok, but here’s the thing. The brand ensures that they are real mink lashes but the packaging, when you receive them in the mail, is from distributors in China. This means, guarantees for real, high quality mink fur is questionable, so is any claim that the lashes are made cruelty free.

Once I saw that the lashes come from distributors in China and not from some free standing company I started to question the ethics behind the company and the lashes themselves. It’s very easy to say something is “high quality” and “hand-crafted” and be lying, there is no code of ethics that forces them to tell the truth, especially if its a small company off of Instagram. There’s also no guarantee that the lashes are made cruelty free.

Mink lashes in general are very controversial because they’re made with mink fur and the fur is taken from minks, obviously. The minks are most often coming from mink farms where minks are taken care of and kept so that people can brush strands of fur from them for making lashes. The ethical standing behind mink farms are extremely questionable and usually cannot be guaranteed. Many times they can be sites of intense animal cruelty and extremely horrible and unlivable conditions for these animals. Sometimes, rather than collecting strands of fur that have naturally fallen from the animals and brushed out, fur is ripped off of the animals in excessive amounts. These cruel farms are fueled and kept running because they work in affiliation with mink lash companies and other mink fur products.

Since the company uses distributors from China, it’s even harder to find out if the lashes use fur taken from cruel mink farms or from ones that guarantee the well being and safe handling of minks. And supporting companies that get their materials from shady places are ones that shouldn’t be supported or affiliated with. Why would you support a company that you can’t guarantee is cruelty free?

I wouldn’t want to back or recommend a company that I wasn’t one hundred percent behind, especially when they go against my own ethics. Even though the dodo lashes are cheap and therefore more reasonable to buy, I just won’t be repurchasing from them again. Other brands that ensure that they are cruelty free are much better to support, even if their products are a little more expensive. At least they aren’t harming animals in the process.

(And I’m not saying that dodo lashes 100% use fur from cruel mink farms, but that their product statements aren’t reliable or transparent and therefore are shady)


*Photo taken off Google



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