This post is all about explaining what ‘monolids’ are and the different struggles that go with having them. Obviously, like “normal” eyelid shapes, there are different variations and kinds of monolids. It all depends on eye shape, eye size, and lid space.

To start off, the difference between monolids and “normal” eyelid shapes is the position of the eyelid crease. That crease is your eyelid skin folding up when your eyes are open, because obviously you need more skin to stretch so that your eyes can blink and close. Without this extra skin you wouldn’t be able to close your eyes. Where your eyelids crease and fold all depend on your eye shape and size. Some people have a high crease, a lower crease, very little crease, a subtle crease, and so on. There are also people with hooded lids, where their creases are either so deep that it appears nonexistent or they have a very prominent brow bone or deep set eyes that create a hooded appearance.

Monolids typically are when the eyelid crease is either very shallow, very close to the lash line, or so subtle that it appears nonexistent.  People with monolids still have that crease, because, obviously, they can still close their eyes. Another aspect closely related to monolids are a more pinched inner tear duct space. Where people with larger eyes or a “normal” crease have a rounded inner tear duct space, typically someone with a monolid will have more acutely shaped inner tear duct space, or a pinched looking one.

Personally, I have hooded monolids. This means that the ‘crease’ that my eyelid makes to fold is so low that it falls lower than my upper eyelid, creating a hood with the skin. This means that my crease falls over top of my lash line. So, I can’t do a thin eyeliner line, it will disappear once I open my eyes completely. It also means that I can’t just curl my lashes and wear mascara. The constant weight of the hooded monolids fall onto my lashes and push them downward, making them lose their curl. I also can’t wear false lashes that are super natural or have a very light/thin band because then my  skin will just push them downward too.


It’s quite the struggle because it’s hard to find false lashes that have a thicker band and still look natural, so that’s why I’m constantly wearing fuller lashes. Wearing false lases with a thicker band pushes my hooded monolid upward into a more common monolid shape, and that’s why my eyes end up looking so much smaller when I’m not wearing false lashes. My hooded monolids fall so far over my lash line that it covers my lash line entirely. And since I’ve been wearing false lashes for quite a long time now, they’ve altered the way my hooded monolids look, so my left eye has more of a normal monolid crease and my right eye still has a very prominent hooded monolid, making eye makeup very difficult to try to get even. It also makes my eyes appear to look slightly cross eyed or a little wonky because their shapes are so different.

I just wanted to share the monolid struggle for anyone who doesn’t quite understand, or for anyone who can relate to my struggle.





  1. I have the same problem you do! I’ve always thought I had regular Asian monolids until I realized I have hooded monolids. Do you have any suggestions on which false eyelashes to buy?


    1. Hey! I would definitely recommend lashes that have a thicker band! I love House of Lashes lashes because their bands are thicker and their lashes are a little stiffer. The stiffness helps to lift up the part of your crease that’s hooded and holds it up so that the lashes are still visible from the front. You can tell which lashes have thicker bands just by looking at them.
      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I think you’re struggling with trying to get your eyes to look more western and pointing out all the ways that it does not look like the non-Asian eye. My question is–how about accepting it, loving how it’s different, and using makeup to enhance the natural beauty of your monolid eyes? I have monolids too and for years wore mascara and false eyelashes that curled upward because I was taught this is how eyes should look. Except upward curling eyelashes look stupid on me. Do natural monolid eyelashes curl up? Generally speaking, no. So I started to use mascara to enhance my eyes by making the eyelashes go down. When I did this my eyes looked like it was more darkly outlined, like with eyeliner. It was a good look and made my eyes look like 18 again, when I had thicker eyelashes. I think monolid eye mkeup should enhance the beauty of monolid eyes and follow its contours and natural characteristics rather than impose the characteristics of western eyes on it.


    1. Of course! That’s a wonderful thing, I applaud you for overcoming the need to westernize your beauty practises and accepting your natural beauty! That’s the goal I wish to one day achieve for myself as well. Of course I love my eyes, I mean they’re the only ones I have, but I also like to play around with makeup and changing the way my eyes look is part of it. I just wanted to share the struggle of having eyes that aren’t “traditional” in that they aren’t Western shaped big round eyes with very prominent creases. I’m constantly trying to accept my eyes for how they are on the daily, but I also love false lashes and the way they look and I love that I can decide if I want my eyes to look more “natural” or completely different depending on how I do my makeup. I play around all the time with makeup, it’s helped me overcome my insecurity. It’s obviously a little difficult when you’re bombarded with images of western eyes on the daily, eyes that make wearing makeup and doing popular eye makeup trends very easily, but I wanted to share a more candid experience of what it’s like to work with eyes that aren’t that “traditional” shape. It’s all about representation and unfortunately I didn’t grow up seeing images of monolids or Asian eyes connected to images of beauty so for a long time I didn’t see monolids as being beautiful. But I know that the western ideal of beauty is not universal and that my eyes can be beautiful too. But I also know that a lot of other Asian people who love makeup and want to be able to recreate certain eye looks also struggle with trying to get around their eye shape and therefore I just wanted to share my struggle and relate to them. I don’t think just because I have monolids that I have to be restricted to only doing looks that highlight the fact that they’re monolids, part of the makeup community that’s so great is that there are no restrictions or boundaries to what you can do with it. But I do feel like those looks that highlight monolids are important too.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion and commenting!


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